University of East Anglia Allan & Nesta Ferguson Awards 2024, UK

Situated in Norwich, UK, the University of East Anglia (UEA) stands as a premier institution renowned for its dedication to academic distinction, pioneering research endeavors, and dynamic campus culture.

UEA takes great pride in offering top-tier education spanning a wide spectrum of disciplines. Its academic curriculum is meticulously crafted to cultivate critical thinking, nurture creativity, and impart practical skills, equipping students for prosperous professional journeys. Serving as a nexus of groundbreaking research, UEA garners acclaim for its impactful contributions across diverse domains. Hosting an array of research centers and institutes, the university spearheads initiatives aimed at addressing global challenges, driving notable progress in fields spanning science, arts, humanities, social sciences, and environmental studies.

UEA provides an extensive selection of undergraduate and postgraduate programs, enabling students to delve into and specialize within their preferred areas of study. This diverse academic portfolio underscores the university’s dedication to delivering a well-rounded education. Central to its ethos is a strong connection to the local community. UEA actively encourages student engagement in community service and outreach initiatives, fostering a spirit of civic duty and facilitating positive contributions beyond the confines of the campus.

University of East Anglia Scholarship Description:

  • Host University: University of East Anglia;
  • Host Country: United Kingdom;
  • Study Level: Postgraduate Level;
  • Scholarship Type: Partial Funding;
  • Scholarship Worth: 29,997.75£;
  • Eligible Countries: International Students;
  • Subjects Available: All Subjects;
  • Application Deadline: April 19th, 2024.

The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Scholarships at UEA in the UK offer a distinctive chance for ambitious scholars in need of financial assistance to pursue their academic aspirations.

Named in honor of their generous benefactors, the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Scholarships strive to aid exceptional individuals showcasing remarkable academic promise and enriching the diverse and dynamic academic fabric of UEA’s community. Emphasizing the cultivation of educational avenues, these scholarships underscore the university’s steadfast dedication to empowering talented students in their quest for academic excellence.

University of East Anglia Scholarship Benefits:

The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Scholarships at UEA for the academic year 2024/2025 offer substantial financial backing. Successful recipients of these scholarships will have their international tuition fees covered and will receive a generous maintenance grant of £12,000. This financial assistance aims to support their living expenses in the UK, encompassing costs associated with accommodation, transportation, and obtaining a UK study visa. Notably, each scholarship recipient will receive a total sum of £29,997.75, providing comprehensive financial aid for a full-time one-year Master’s course within the School of Global Development.

Eligibility Requirements:

The eligibility criteria for the University of East Anglia’s Allan and Nesta Ferguson Scholarships in the UK are as follows:

  • Candidates must be international students.
  • Candidates must have applied to a Master’s program within the School of Global Development at the University of East Anglia.
  • Candidates must exhibit genuine financial need.
  • Candidates must possess a confirmed offer of admission to the University of East Anglia.

Application Process:

To apply for the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Scholarship at the University of East Anglia, candidates should follow these steps:

  1. Apply for a Master’s Course: Begin by submitting an application for a Master’s program at the University of East Anglia.
  2. Obtain a Student Application Number: Upon receiving a Student Application Number after applying for the Master’s course, utilize it to complete the online application form for the Allan & Nesta Ferguson scholarship.
  3. Complete the Application Form: To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must fill out an application form. This form typically requires personal details, academic qualifications, and evidence of genuine financial need.
Supporting Documents:

While the specific supporting documents required for the Allan and Nesta Ferguson Scholarship are not explicitly outlined, based on similar scholarship requirements, applicants may be asked to provide:

  • Proof of Admission to the University of East Anglia
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Statement or Essay

Official Website:

For further details, please visit the University of East Anglia’s official website: The Allan and Nesta Ferguson Scholarship


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